Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Canvassing Chestnut

Based on a few leads I have developed during my time writing the book about the Janette Roberson murder, I’d like to see if we can crowdsource some much-needed information. The reason I’m doing this is because the information I’m looking at was not available to law enforcement at the time, and I confirmed that with sources in law enforcement, as well as the people who gave me the leads, themselves. So far, in all cases, none were spoken to about this by police – and that’s because no one came forward to share the info with them.

I’d like to essentially canvass the area around Upton and Chestnut, as well as south on Chestnut…let’s say as far down as the State Police post as a good landmark most locals know. So, that whole route from Upton to past Vic’s, to the Pizza Hut area…

What I need is to establish who lived in homes and worked in businesses along that route – and it could be streets just to the east or west of Chestnut.

I have posted an image of the area in question, and would like to be able to talk to people who were working in businesses along that route on the day of the murder, January 19, 1983. The day of the week was a Wednesday, if that helps.

ALSO: anyone on foot in that area that day within that time frame that might remember something. Kids walking home from school, mom’s walking their children in strollers, someone walking their dog… someone pumping gas, coming out of a store and getting into your vehicle. You get the idea.

What I’m looking for in this area is anything anyone might have seen that seemed… odd, strange, or unexplained at the time, but perhaps they didn’t believe it had anything to do with the murder.

The leads I have so far suggest there is a likelihood that at least four people, probably more, saw something odd. The same odd thing. I’d like to see if anyone else along that route saw the same odd thing. That’s about as specific as I can be, but anything you could add would be greatly appreciated.

So, feel free take the image, pull it up in paint or whatever image enhancer you use and write/circle/note homes & businesses you can identify as far as employees of businesses, and residents. Or just drop me an email at deckerjeni@gmail.com. Anonymous posters/emails are also fine – I’m looking for the info, regardless of how it comes in.

To narrow the focus, we’re talking about any time between, let’s say 1pm and 4pm. If I were to narrow further, I’d say, perhaps, even a tighter timeframe of 2-3:30 would be the area of time I’m really interested in. Recall if you were in school then, when you would have been arriving home, if you lived in that area. Same with people who worked in the area.

Thanks again for all the help and support. It is greatly appreciated.


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