News Articles - Janette Roberson

According to the EMTs report, this would have been about 9pm that night

There is no indication in any of the police reports what time the impromptu press conference inside the Gambles store occured.

The Osceola County Herald - Jan. 27, 1983 (close up of text below)

(February 10, 1983 - close up of text below)

Feb. 17, 1983 - (close-up of text below)


Sab4327 said...

I Am on page 205 of your book redacted. Cannot put it down! Curious as to what Alvin looked like back then. Are there any photos of him?

Jeni Decker said...

Well, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I believe I have seen a picture of Alvin around that time, or a bit before. He doesn't look like the composite, if that's what you're wondering. Plus, employees would have known him and they were some of the people who participated in the descriptions that led to the composite drawings. Enjoy the book and feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. I have provided my email near the top of the blog if you need it. ~Jeni

Sab4327 said...

How sad I was to come to the end of Redacted.
talk about a mystery! I was hoping more info would have surfaced. But you did a great job of explaining why that most likely won't happen.
Seems impossible that no one saw or heard anything or even went to check on Janette when several customers said she wasn't there. Very fishy to me.
And All the crime details are redacted. Would have liked to read SOMETHING about the crime scene. Do you think "at lunch" was code for in the bosses office?
Anyway great book and I will order one of your other books soon.
Happy New year!

Jeni Decker said...

I am glad it kept your interest. It's a mystery for sure. Well, not really... there are a finite number of folks who could have done it, since I'm fairly comfortable with it not being some random person off the street, and it's only a matter of time before technology, resources, and circumstance catch up to the killer. I sure would have liked more about the scene, but I understand why all of that has been withheld. What crime scene technicians found back there that day is important, and it will eventually be what solves the case. As far as your "at lunch" innuendo - I have nothing to indicate anything like that occured, but I also have nothing to indicate it didn't. Someone does know what happened that day, and I believe what is in those witness statements that were redacted would be a detailed accounting of where everyone was that day and at what times. Those things are also important. In my fantasy, I'm locked in a storeroom with the boxes of her casefile and I get to go through it all and try to figure out what happend, with all of the information, rather than what I could cull together. Since that will never happen, we have to hope that law enforcement gets what they need to solve the case. I sure would like to know what happened that day.

Anonymous said...

I have now read Redacted twice. It just amazes me that this happened 30 years ago and still sits on the self going no where. I grew up Reed City and still live close as an adult. So many people around and no one knows anything...small town living.

Jeni Decker said...

Wow, two times, huh? Thanks so much for the interest! Yes, it sure has been a long time... but I don't think it's sitting on a shelf going nowhere, anymore. :) Keep an eye out for updates. And don't hesitate to contact me know if you have any questions or thoughts. ~Jeni