[REDACTED] - docs from book

This page includes each of the documents from [REDACTED] in the order in which they appear in the book. Because some of these were copied from microfiche and the quality was very bad, I wanted to make sure readers (particularly digital readers) had the best possible access to them. 

Reed City Police Department Property Sign-Out Log for Janette Roberson items.

MSP report, pg 4.

Cadillac Police Dept request for assistance

Wexford County report pg 1

Reed City Police Department Report (narrative portion, pgs. 2-4)

Osceola County Sheriff's Department report (narrative portion), 2 pgs

Excerpts from MSP report, pg 3
The Buckboard Bar Incident report excerpts

MSP Property report receipt for items turned over to Trixie Shepherd, the psychic.

Lee Peterson incident report, Cadillac PD

Dorothy Critchfield Sewer & Water embezzlement report (pgs. 1-5)

Sewer Scandal (excerpts from Reed City city council meeding minutes)

The first items entered in the computer at MSP on Janette's case


Jason Denness said...

This is fantastic, these sorts of pictures would be terrible to view on the kindle, really helpful to have access to them, wish more authors would do this.


Jeni Decker said...

Yes, that was absolutely a concern. I have a Kindle and I know how hard images can be to read on them, and as an author you are limited to how much control you have on formatting jpegs, so I wanted to make sure readers who had the digital copy would be able to view the documents properly. They were hard enough to read from the grainy copies of archived documents Michigan State Police sent me, and those came in a regular size page format, so I knew making them smaller would make it even harder. I'm glad this worked for you. I will keep it in mind for future books, should the need arise. :) Thanks for the interest.